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"Absolutely grab a copy"

Full review:

In the first book of a planned series of young adult fantasy fiction by author S.J. Lem, The Waterfall Traveler will suck readers in from the very first pages and won’t let them go until the very end. Follow the story of eighteen-year-old Ri, a young woman determined to help and protect her adoptive father, who is suffering from an illness that makes him have horrible hallucinations. What’s worse is that Ri will not be able to get any support from those around her; the other inhabitants of the remote mountain-top village they live in believe the two are cursed and shun them at all costs. When Ri comes across a handsome young man as well as an absolute madman she realizes that she could have found the solution to all of her and her father’s problems. But she will face many dangers in order to get what her heart most desires, a cure for Samuel and a chance at a regular life. Will Ri succeed? You’ll need to read this excellent book to find out!

I so enjoyed The Waterfall Traveler. Author S.J. Lem has done a wonderful job in creating characters that readers will relate to, connect with and truly come to care about. If that isn’t a hallmark of a great author, I’m not sure what is. The prose is crisply written and excellently paced. The story line itself is very exciting and readable. Any young adult reader who enjoys an exciting and adventurous tale with a wonderful message should absolutely grab this book. I am pleased to be able to highly recommend The Waterfall Traveler, and I look forward to reading more in this very promising series by author S. J. Lem as soon as I can!

Tracy A. Fischer - Readers' Favorite

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